Thursday, April 21, 2005

Cardinals Agree On New Pope

The Pope is the catholic bishop and patriarch of Rome, and head of
the Roman Catholic Church and the eastern catholic churches. Catholics worldwide consider each pope to be the successor of Saint Peter who was, according to tradition, first bishop of Rome and thus the first pope. Early bishops of Rome were designated "vicar (representative) of Peter"; later Popes were designated "vicar of Christ", a telling change. In addition to this spiritual role, the Pope also serves as head of state of the independent, sovereign state of the Vatican City, entirely surrounded by the city of Rome. The cardinals swore a secrecy oath more than two hours after the 115 cardinals withdrew in to strict seclusion. Black smoke emerged from a chimney on the Sistine chapel signaling that the first vote had been in conclusive. There is common within the churches, and for years they have been trying to find way of showing amore united face about how does the cardinals gave a new pope.
Before voting, the cardinals began the conclave with a solemn procession into the Sistine Chapel. They walked slowly in pairs as a choir chanted the Litany of Saints, passing through a pair of Swiss guards in full regalia. The cardinals gather to vote for a new pope. Four ballots will be held each day, and the ballot papers are burned after every second vote in a stove inside the Sistine chapel. Chemicals are added to colour the smoke ”black smoke” signals failure to agree on a candidate, while white smoke means a new pope has been chosen. This time the white smoke will be accompanied by the ringing of the bells. The first wisps of smoke appeared from the chimney above the Sistine Chapel against a darkening sky. There were screams from the huge crowd and people began to applaud wildly its white, its white black. Then, the smoke started to look a little grey. The roars of delight were replaced by a buzz of confusion. In the crowd, delight turned to disappointment, and the absence of Vatican bells confirmed our suspicions. The first ballot of the 2005 conclave had been indecisive. No white smoke, no pope.
Finally, on 19 April 2005, white smokes come out of the chimney declaring announcement to the people who is the new one. The current pope is Benedict XVI, who was elected on 19 APRIL 2005. He succeeds the late john Paul II, who was elected at the age of 58 in 1978. Pope Benedict XVI is the second non-Italian to be elected to the pontificate since Adrian VI, who was briefly pope in 1522-23, and is also the first German to take the seat since the eleventh century.
by:Awni Najim.

@ internet @

There are many changes in Qatar and in the world nowadays by theInternet.The rapid changes in communication and technology makes life more convenient. The Internet and the information technology are helping the development of a higher standard of living in every country. The internet has different uses, for example; there are many advantages and disadvantages of using the internet. But my country Qatar has mostly benefited. As a developing country, the internet helps my home country in many aspects. For example, it helps researchers in the universities to get information and data by searching the internet. Moreover, it can be used by the public to gain knowledge, for example, the one can read any newspaper that is published any where in he world. In addition, the internet can be used for learning at schools, so students can use the internet in taking courses and practicing exams on-line. The Internet is also popular for use in connecting people all over the world by e-mails and chat programs. On the other hand, the internet has some disadvantages that cause significant problems in my home country. It wastes people’s time, for example, playing games on the net and listening to music. Moreover, the Internet has much adult content that is accessible to teenagers. Furthermore, too much use of the computer and internet makes some people very lazy and unwilling to work with their hands. And some people at the present time use the internet for hacking and to swindle businesses. The future of internet in my home country is working on communication projects in order to make internet service connections cheap. As a result, internet service will spread out to be used everywhere such as schools, university and houses. In addition, there are some centers of internet for the people who don’t know how to use internet. Moreover, some people use internet for shopping. Last but not least, internet improves knowledge in Qatar for many people by learning and browsing. In my opinion, the internet in my country will help it for development between other countries. In conclusion, although, the internet in Qatar has some disadvantages and advantages, but the advantages are much greater. In fact, the internet has changed the life of people and made it easier. It’s expected that internet programs will keep growing in improvement and will be come more involved in all aspects of life.

by: Awni Najim.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

How To Approach

Edward approached Sandra both in the film and in the book. But his approach is different in the film and the book. In the book, his approach was small. He followed her between classes, down the halls, this sort of thing. Sometimes he brushed against her accidetly and said, "Excuse me." In the movie, his approach was big. He drew, "I LOVE YOU," in the sky and on a screen in her class. When he said to her, "I want to go out with you," in the book, they were in the hallway but in the film it was in her house and he gave her some flowers. I think the film is better than the book, because it is big scale and unbelievable, and it is easy to understand his big love.


The Terminal

"The Terminal" is directed by Steven Spielberg.While I watched this movie, I could be serious and sometimes happy and funny.The leading actor is Tom Hanks.I think he is very good at acting a man who is pure in heart.Victor Navorski is from Krakozhia, a country which is in Eastern Europe, and he had to stay in the terminal of one of New York City`s airports for 9 months, because his home country disappeared because of a coup d`etat, just after he departed from Krakozhia to New York, to carry out his promise. For 9 months, he made a convulsive effort to learn English and get some jobs. He encouraged me very much.

by Hatsuko


I think "BIG FIDH" is an interesting movie. I watched only half of the movie but every character had an attractive pwesonality. My most impressive person is the Chinese twins. At the end of the movie, they were real twins, but in the story they shared their lower half of the body. Idon't know all of the movie but it is interesting. I'm sure it will be more interesting when Iwatch all of the movie. That is because this is Eswars's and his son's fantasy.


Visual Effects of Movie

I don't know the scene of how Edward and Sandra met first. But when I think "how did Edward catch her love?", in the novel, I remember the fight of Edward and Don, at first. That was dramatic. But if that scene were in the movie, we couldn't feel such a dramatic shock, because it's a night scene, so we couldn't watch the appearance of two men's face covered by blood clearly. And when I think about the movie, I remember the scene when Edward went to Sandra's house,and said a declaration of his love. That was also a dramatic scene, equal to the novel. We can see the visual beauty of the many yellow flowers he presented to her, and also can see Edward's happy smile when he fell down. So I think it was a good idea to change this scene.

by Hatsuko

the Japanese Animation

"Houl's Moving Castle" was made by STUDIO GHIBLI,which is the most famous Animation Studio in Japan.This is a romance movie about Sopie and Hawl.A spell was cast on Sophie by a witch;then she became a 90 years old from 18 years old.Hawl was a weak wizard.This movie's picture is high quolity,fantastic and original.So I think it's fun if you just watch.


About Edward and his life

I think Edward is not a perfect person. This is because he had rarely come back home and he had an affair with another woman. And generally speaking, a blower is a bad person. But he had a one-track mind, worked hard for his family, and saved his son’s life three times. So I think he is an ordinary person. But his death is not an ordinary one. Few people can die like him. It is the power of his bragging. I think he was very happy.

by Hatsuko

Monday, March 07, 2005

Sierra Club Initiates Legal Action to Clean Up Coal Plant Proposal

This article is about the legal action taken by the sierra club to stop the construction of several tecnology-outdated coal-fired power plants in Illinois. The Sierra Club is concerned with the health of Illinois residents and is pressing Illinois Governor Blagojevich not only to require the new coal-fired power plants to have state-of-yhe-art tecnology to reduce emissions, but also to shut down twenty-two obsolete coal-burning power plants built in Illinois in the 1970's. Their main health concerns are because of a very direct air pollution effect that increases cardiopulmonary diseases and the high mercury percentage found in fish caught from several water bodies in Illinois, which can be traced to emissions (in U.S. from all possible mercury emissions sources, 41% of it comes from coal burning power plants) from these outdated coal burning power plants. The sierra Club is raising awareness on the high environmental and health impact that the actual "Coal Rush" can have on Illinois Residents.


I agree with Sierra Club actions to protect Illinois residents by requesting Governor Blagojevich to upgrade emissionn control tecnology. These tough regulations must be applied not only on these types of power plants, but also on new vehicles that are sold in the state by automotive industry, as an overall plant to reduce air pollution and decrease cardiopulmonary incidences in the population in general.

Monday, February 28, 2005

Difference of Big Fish

In the book, there were a lot of men who wanted to be in love with Sandra. Edward was one of the men, but he didn't do anything for a long time. However, in the film Edward saw the woman he's going to marry at the circus, but he lost her. So he worked as a circus member for three years and then went to Auburn to meet her. But she was engaged to Don Price.

The story of the book is more realistic than the film's. But I think Tim Burton, the director, made the film more interesting and funny. For example, when Edward met Sandra, time stops like they say when you meet the love of your life. I think that as the film was made by adding cinematics, we could feel the film is very interesting. I like it.

By Danny

Big Fish

There are many differences between the book and the film;I'm going to talk about one difference.In the book we can see that the dog liked Edward.But,in the film there were no dogs,the dog was the girl who liked Edwaed.So,this make the film less realistic and this change was a bad idea.Because,it's hard to the looker to get this difference.In my opinion if the director does the same thing as the book,it will be more realistic.And,you can't know which story is the real one.


Sunday, February 27, 2005

Differences of Big Fish

From the book, Edward Bloom left Ashland and arrived at a town which looked like a horrible, dark, and expansive place. If people wanted to leave here, the dog would get the people's fingers. When people urged Edward to stay here, the dog saved Edward from a crowd of people. Accordinng to the movie, Eward arrived at a town called Spectre where people were very nice and friendly. And the girl took Edward's shoes and hung them on the rope;that means he couldn't leave the town anymore. It is opposite of the book, which said the dog got people's fingers. I think the dog's biting the people's fingers made the plot look very bloody. So, the little girl replaced the dog, and made the plot brisker, not full of blood up. It is a good idea to make the movie lighter, not terrifying.

By Anny

* differences between the book and the film *

There are many differences between thebook and thefilm. One of that movie displayed Don fighting with Edward at Sandra’s home, exactly in the middle of the yellow flowers in front of Sandra’s home; on the other hand, the book says Don had met him in the middle of a dusty street on the mountains and they were in the cars, but in the film there wasn’t any cars when Don was fighting Edward. In fact the difference between the book and the film makes the story heavier and at the same time it was less realistic, because some time the human being’s mind can’t believe this. The difference in the Big Fish book and film was a really bad idea, because sometimes it make confused. So I disagree with the difference between the book and film.

by: Awni Najim

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Interesting Part--Sandra Took Edward To Her Family

I found a difference about when Sandra took Edward to her family. That part was never showed by the film. In the book, Sandra got married first then told her father second. If this part was in the movie, I think that would be interesting. When parents hear their family member got married who didn’t invited them, they will feel very surprised and get very angry. When Sandra’s father meets Edward, Sandra’s father will be very angry and Edward will be happy in movie. Also, Sandra will be worried because her father and Edward are her favorite men. The frame will become interesting in the movie.

by Jamie

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Big fish

This is a brand of fantasy that will not appeal to everybody, particularly sitting as it does cheek-by-jowl with a more serous story. This film does not argue for fantasy as some films do, but for tolerance for those who need fantasy to survive (by Mark Leeper)

Big fish is a real fantasy movie which is transcending time and place.

It's enough to stimulate our imagination.

The story is like and old tale and they also use computer graphics to make it more like reality.

The movie somtimes shows us present and at other times shos us the past.

A spectator would find it complicated but still could enjoy the complication.